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[CVEPRI] Board Meeting delayed until 10:00 AM Monday


Due to bad weather problems along the East Coast tonight (not to
mention poor planning), Margie Zuk and I have been forced to fly into
Denver early Monday morning.  We are scheduled to land at 8:20 AM, so
we will not be fully prepared for the meeting until around 10:00 AM.

Therefore the beginning of the meeting is delayed until 10:00 AM
Denver (Mountain) time.  Of course the Board is free to entertain
themselves earlier than that if they wish :-) See the end of this
email for a potential project.

If Margie and I encounter any further delays, Dave Baker will conduct
the beginning portion of the meeting - provided he hasn't been
sidelined by the weather problems as well.

Given some of the uncertainty of the situation, all requests for
information (and/or updates) can be handled by corresponding with
Susan Ginivan or Margaret Dawson via Margie Zuk's phone at
(781)271-7590.  Due to various technical difficulties, the slides for
the presentation may not be available until we arrive at the meeting.
Dave Baker or other MITRE personnel will have access to an older
version if necessary, but I hope that things will not come to that.

If for some reason no MITRE person is available to run the meeting at
10 AM, I challenge the Board to tackle the content decisions related
to the candidates that are described in the following URL's:


You can use the related discussions of a few months ago as a starting
point.  (Search for [CD] in the Editorial Board archives).  In light
of those discussions, as well as past performance, I have full
confidence that the Board would not have any problems filling the
remainder of the day discussing these issues. :-)

See you in Denver one way or another,
- Steve

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