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[CVEPRI] CVE version 20000712 to be released (815 entries)

CVE version 20000712 will be published on the CVE web site in the next
few days.  It has 115 new entries, for a total of 815 entries.

This is the first CVE version to include entries for security problems
whose initial public announcements included candidate numbers (what
I've been calling "pre-publication candidate assignment" and what I'm
considering shortening to "candidate reservation").  Those entries are
CVE-2000-0249, CVE-2000-0303, CVE-2000-0304, CVE-2000-0305,
CVE-2000-0350, and CVE-2000-0376.

ISS, having announced at least 3 candidates that easily became
official CVE entries, becomes the first entity to reach Diligence
Level 3 for candidate assignment.  This is the highest level currently
defined.  BindView and Rain Forest Puppy also contributed candidates
which became entries, which moves them one step closer to level 3.
Note that organizations will not necessarily be singled out in the
future if/when candidate reservation becomes commonplace, but since
this is a "first" it seems like a good thing to highlight.

For a refresher on diligence levels, see:


Since diligence levels are currently based strictly on the "smooth
acceptance" of candidates, Editorial Board members help to establish
these levels through their voting.

A summary of the changes between this version and CVE version 20000602
is included below.

- Steve

SUMMARY: New entries = 115
SUMMARY: Modified entries = 0
SUMMARY: Unmodified entries = 700

CVE-1999-0378 CVE-1999-0387 CVE-1999-0415 CVE-1999-0416 CVE-1999-0820
CVE-1999-0959 CVE-2000-0001 CVE-2000-0011 CVE-2000-0013 CVE-2000-0015
CVE-2000-0018 CVE-2000-0030 CVE-2000-0032 CVE-2000-0034 CVE-2000-0045
CVE-2000-0092 CVE-2000-0157 CVE-2000-0168 CVE-2000-0174 CVE-2000-0175
CVE-2000-0195 CVE-2000-0236 CVE-2000-0249 CVE-2000-0251 CVE-2000-0261
CVE-2000-0262 CVE-2000-0264 CVE-2000-0279 CVE-2000-0297 CVE-2000-0303
CVE-2000-0304 CVE-2000-0305 CVE-2000-0311 CVE-2000-0316 CVE-2000-0331
CVE-2000-0334 CVE-2000-0336 CVE-2000-0337 CVE-2000-0339 CVE-2000-0342
CVE-2000-0346 CVE-2000-0350 CVE-2000-0352 CVE-2000-0353 CVE-2000-0354
CVE-2000-0356 CVE-2000-0359 CVE-2000-0360 CVE-2000-0361 CVE-2000-0362
CVE-2000-0363 CVE-2000-0367 CVE-2000-0370 CVE-2000-0371 CVE-2000-0372
CVE-2000-0373 CVE-2000-0376 CVE-2000-0377 CVE-2000-0379 CVE-2000-0380
CVE-2000-0381 CVE-2000-0382 CVE-2000-0387 CVE-2000-0388 CVE-2000-0389
CVE-2000-0390 CVE-2000-0391 CVE-2000-0392 CVE-2000-0393 CVE-2000-0394
CVE-2000-0395 CVE-2000-0396 CVE-2000-0397 CVE-2000-0398 CVE-2000-0399
CVE-2000-0402 CVE-2000-0403 CVE-2000-0404 CVE-2000-0405 CVE-2000-0406
CVE-2000-0407 CVE-2000-0408 CVE-2000-0409 CVE-2000-0410 CVE-2000-0411
CVE-2000-0414 CVE-2000-0416 CVE-2000-0417 CVE-2000-0418 CVE-2000-0419
CVE-2000-0421 CVE-2000-0424 CVE-2000-0425 CVE-2000-0427 CVE-2000-0428
CVE-2000-0431 CVE-2000-0432 CVE-2000-0435 CVE-2000-0436 CVE-2000-0437
CVE-2000-0438 CVE-2000-0439 CVE-2000-0441 CVE-2000-0442 CVE-2000-0452
CVE-2000-0453 CVE-2000-0454 CVE-2000-0455 CVE-2000-0456 CVE-2000-0460
CVE-2000-0461 CVE-2000-0462 CVE-2000-0463 CVE-2000-0464 CVE-2000-0465

No modified entries.

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