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Pursuant to interest expressed on the Board teleconference, I've created
the cve-banter mailing list to handle various issues we may want to
discuss that are not directly related to the CVE itself.  This is largely
in response to the draft treaty discussions that I think were distracting
from the core mission of the Editorial Board.

However, I think that have a communication channel among the Editorial
Board members for other topics may prove a very valuable thing.  Won't
know unless we try.

Anyway, for now the list is unmoderated and doesn't require approval to
subscribe.  If we need to change that, I have no objection, but for now
let's try it this way.  There will not be any other announcement of this

To subscribe, send an email to majordomo@homeport.org, with the body of
the message being 'subscribe cve-banter'.  The address to post to the list
is cve-banter@homeport.org.

Scott Blake                                   blake@bos.bindview.com
Security Program Manager                        +1-508-485-7737 x218
BindView Corporation                           Cell: +1-508-353-0269

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