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[CVEPRI] CVE version 20000602 to be released (700 entries)


CVE version 20000602 will be published on the CVE web site in the next
few days.  It has 56 new entries, for a total of 700 entries.  The
round number is merely a coincidence.  Those keeping score at home may
note that we reached 700 entries one month later than the original
goal of May 1, which was discussed at the AXENT meeting in March.  If
the discussion of upcoming content decisions goes smoothly, it is
conceivable that we could still reach the original goal of 1000
entries by September.

This is the first version to include some modifications to older CVE
entries.  The modifications are noted in the report below.  As you can
see, most of the modifications involved adding references.  If
required, major modifications to any entries would force those entries
to enter the still-unused REASSESSMENT phase.

Some of the new entries for recently discovered problems were proposed
as late as April 26.  The delay of about 1 month from candidate
proposal to official entry, while sub-optimal for some uses, is an
encouraging sign that the official CVE list may be able to stay fairly
current with new, well-known security problems - provided we don't
drown in legacy candidates and other distractions ;-)

A summary of the changes between this version and version 20000425 is
included below.

- Steve

SUMMARY: CAT changed 1 times
SUMMARY: REF changed 43 times
SUMMARY: DESC changed 3 times
SUMMARY: New entries = 56
SUMMARY: Modified entries = 44
SUMMARY: Unmodified entries = 600

CVE-1999-0031 CVE-1999-0118 CVE-1999-0124 CVE-1999-0142 CVE-1999-0210
CVE-1999-0225 CVE-1999-0323 CVE-1999-0407 CVE-1999-0464 CVE-1999-0491
CVE-1999-0493 CVE-1999-0668 CVE-1999-0696 CVE-1999-0719 CVE-1999-0754
CVE-1999-0819 CVE-1999-0832 CVE-1999-0836 CVE-1999-0838 CVE-1999-0842
CVE-1999-0854 CVE-1999-0856 CVE-1999-0859 CVE-1999-0864 CVE-1999-0865
CVE-1999-0866 CVE-1999-0874 CVE-1999-0976 CVE-1999-1011 CVE-2000-0004
CVE-2000-0113 CVE-2000-0169 CVE-2000-0171 CVE-2000-0226 CVE-2000-0228
CVE-2000-0229 CVE-2000-0230 CVE-2000-0231 CVE-2000-0232 CVE-2000-0233
CVE-2000-0234 CVE-2000-0235 CVE-2000-0245 CVE-2000-0246 CVE-2000-0258
CVE-2000-0260 CVE-2000-0267 CVE-2000-0268 CVE-2000-0274 CVE-2000-0277
CVE-2000-0294 CVE-2000-0323 CVE-2000-0327 CVE-2000-0328 CVE-2000-0329

CVE-1999-0002 REF
CVE-1999-0003 REF
CVE-1999-0005 REF
CVE-1999-0006 REF
CVE-1999-0009 REF
CVE-1999-0018 REF
CVE-1999-0021 REF
CVE-1999-0039 REF
CVE-1999-0047 REF
CVE-1999-0058 REF
CVE-1999-0067 REF
CVE-1999-0068 REF
CVE-1999-0130 REF
CVE-1999-0131 REF
CVE-1999-0148 REF
CVE-1999-0149 DESC REF
CVE-1999-0174 DESC REF
CVE-1999-0204 REF
CVE-1999-0346 REF
CVE-1999-0362 REF
CVE-1999-0363 REF
CVE-1999-0410 REF
CVE-1999-0412 REF
CVE-1999-0417 REF
CVE-1999-0441 REF
CVE-1999-0442 REF
CVE-1999-0449 REF
CVE-1999-0457 REF
CVE-1999-0687 REF
CVE-1999-0689 REF
CVE-1999-0691 REF
CVE-1999-0693 REF
CVE-1999-0702 REF
CVE-1999-0710 DESC
CVE-1999-0833 REF
CVE-1999-0835 REF
CVE-1999-0837 REF
CVE-1999-0848 REF
CVE-1999-0849 REF
CVE-1999-0851 REF
CVE-1999-0920 REF
CVE-1999-0951 REF
CVE-1999-0977 REF
CVE-2000-0207 REF CAT

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