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[CVEPRI] Upcoming Editorial Board meetings


Since it's been a few months since the last Board meeting, I'd like to
set up a few dates for teleconferences, and arrange the next
face-to-face meeting.

Please let me know the dates and times you would be able to
participate in the next teleconference, and what your preferences are
for the next face-to-face meeting.

Past experience has shown that the teleconference meetings are often
too long for people to comfortably listen on the phone.  I suggest
that we have teleconferences more frequently, but for shorter
duration.  That will hopefully reduce the number of headaches that
people get when listening on the phone for 4 hours straight ;-)

We will hold the next teleconference sometime during the week of June
12-16.  I'll schedule it for 2 hours, and leave some extra time in the
end in case the meeting goes long.  The agenda will be determined
later, but content decisions will probably be a big focus, along with
a review of CVE compatibility requirements.

With respect to the next face-to-face meeting, sometime during July or
August seems appropriate.  2-day meetings have worked in the past, so
we'll continue with that length.  As with previous face-to-face
meetings, this provides an opportunity for Editorial Board members to
meet with others in the hosting organization, and most meetings also
provide the opportunity to attend a nearby conference.  We have the
following options.

Location: Seattle, Washington
Meeting Dates: July 27-28, or August 3-4
Related Events: LISA-NT, USENIX Windows Systems Symposium

LISA-NT tutorials are on Sunday July 30 to Monday July 31, and
technical sessions are August 1-2.  The Windows Systems Symposium is
August 3-4.  However, a glance at the session list indicates a heavy
operational focus with only a single session on security, so it might
not be problematic to have a meeting at this time.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Meeting Dates: open
Related Events: none?

In the past, CERT has offered to host a face-to-face meeting.

USENIX Security Symposium
Location: Denver, Colorado
Meeting Dates: August 14-15

The technical conference takes place August 16-17, so if we are to
co-locate with this conference, we would need to meet on August 14-15,
which are tutorials.

Black Hat Briefings
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Meeting Dates: July 24-25

Since the conference takes place on Wed-Thu July 26-27, we could meet
on Monday-Tuesday, July 24-25.

- Steve

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