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[BOARD] Marcus Ranum has joined the Editorial Board

Marcus Ranum of NFR has joined the Editorial Board as a representative
of NFR.  His expertise and willingness to espouse controversial
positions may make for some interesting discussions on this list,
especially as we examine the role of CVE in IDS systems in the coming
months.  Note that Kent Landfield remains a member of the Board, but
his affiliation has changed to info-ops.com, a company that provides
security and network services.

Below is a short bio:

>Marcus Ranum is CTO of Network Flight Recorder, Inc., and has been
>specializing in Internet security since he built the first commercial
>firewall product in 1990. He has acted as chief architect and
>implementor of several other notable security systems including the
>TIS firewall toolkit, TIS Gauntlet firewall, whitehouse.gov, and the
>Network Flight Recorder. Marcus frequently lectures on Internet
>security issues, and is co-author of the "Web Site Security
>Sourcebook" with Avi Rubin and Dan Geer, published by John Wiley and

Welcome aboard, Marcus!

- Steve

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