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[BOARD] Ken Williams has joined the Editorial Board

Ken Williams of eSecurityOnline.com, a venture of Ernst and Young, has
joined the CVE Editorial Board.  Ken's well-respected work on the
original Packet Storm Security web site, and his current role as
manager of their online vulnerability service, have made him a "jack
of all trades" with respect to security tools, the daily influx of new
vulnerabilities, the underground, and industry trends.

Below is his bio:

>Ken Williams manages the development and maintenance of content for
>eSecurityOnline.com, an eSecurity venture of Ernst & Young.  Ken
>writes weekly security articles and whitepapers, teaches eXtreme
>hacking, speaks at and attends security conferences, and evaluates
>security products in the eSecurityOnline.com R&D labs.  He is also
>responsible for monitoring current events, trends and changes in the
>security industry.
>In this capacity, Ken monitors hundreds of security and hacker web
>sites, subscribes to over 50 security mailing lists, maintains and
>fosters relationships with security professionals, and reviews
>countless security publications. Ken provides managerial and
>administrative support for the eSecurityOnline.com Online
>Vulnerability Service, and is also a member of the eSecurityOnline.com
>Vulnerability Research Team, where he contributes to the research and
>publication of vulnerabilities.
>Ken was the founder and maintainer of Packet Storm Security (now owned
>by Kroll-O,Gara/Securify, located at packetstorm.securify.com) prior
>to joining Ernst & Young and eSecurityOnline.com. He designed and
>maintained Packet Storm,s popular, non-profit security portal. He
>developed, researched and moderated all aspects of the site, including
>security tools, vulnerability alerts, and exploits. Ken also provided
>free consulting services.

Welcome aboard, Ken!

- Steve

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