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Panel at ESORICS on the CyberCrime treaty

Dear all,
I'm just coming out of the PC meeting for the ESORICS symposium
(http://www.laas.fr/~esorics/). As you probably all know, ESORICS stands
for European Symposium on Research in Computer Security. The next edition
will take place in Toulouse in the first week of October 2000. It will be
immediately preceded by the RAID conference (Recent Advances on Intrusion
Detection www.raid-symposium.org).

I wanted to mention to you all that I have proposed -- and it has been
accepted--  to have a panel session at Esorics to discuss the cybercrime
treaty and its implication.  The idea is to have i) someone presenting the
treaty itself (i.e. someone who has contributed to the writing), ii)
someone from the CVE to present the document we have been working on, iii)
someone 'neutral' able to discuss the 'legal' bindings of this kind of
treaty, iv) someone representing the 'industrial' world and its concerns
with respect to such a treaty (the 'research' + 'academic' worlds would be
represented by the person explaining the CVE's Cybercrime Treaty Statement).

I have committed to organise the panel and welcome any comment, remarks
from you all to make it as interesting and educative as possible.

Since this is not directly relevant to the CVE mailing list, I would
suggest to those of you who are interested in this to contact me personally
and I'll summarize from time to time to the whole list.

Best regards,

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