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Fwd: IP: it's time the media started labeling these viruses correctly!

As this board is involved in nomenclature issues, I thought this
worth passing along.

I, for one, agree with Jim.


PS.  I did a little statistical work on virus counts as part of a
local discussion group.   Of the 60000 or so known viruses, worms,
etc., about 55,000 of them are Microsoft-specific.  31 are for the
Macintosh, and about 5 are for Unix/Linux.    Simply FYI.   Imagine
if we were to do CVE entries for each?

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>Subject: IP: it's time the media started labeling these viruses correctly!
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>>From: Jim Warren <jwarren@well.com>
>>Subject: it's time the media started labeling these viruses correctly!
>>[Also blind-cc'ed to others.  Recirculate freely.]
>>The media didn't call the World Trade Towers bomb, "the Ryder Truck bomb."
>>They didn't call the Unibomber bombs, "US Postal Service bombs."
>>They should stop mislabeling computer viruses by their *innocent* carrier
>>-- the Internet.
>>They should start labeling them what they are: "Microsoft Outlook Express
>>virus" or "Microsoft Explorer virus" or "Microsoft Word macro virus
>>(reputedly the single largest source of viruses for years!)."
>>Or more briefly -- and accurately -- just call each one, "the latest
>>Microsoft virus."
>>Let's ask the major media, below, for some *truth* in labeling -- giving
>>"credit" where credit really is due.  Let's ask them to stop shooting the
>>messenger, and start naming the real origin -- the errors and dangers that
>>Microsoft has built into its products for *years*.
>>CNN:  http://www.cnn.com/feedback/
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>>ABC:  http://abcnews.go.com/service/Help/abc_contactus.html
>>CNBC:  http://www.cnbc.com/misc/feedback.asp
>>CBS:  http://cbsnews.cbs.com/ and click on "Feedback" in the lefthand column
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>>WALL STREET JOURNAL: "Letters" Editor, email to:  letter.editor@edit.wsj.com
>>--jim, Jim Warren; jwarren@well.com
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