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RE: [CVEPRI] Please Vote on Text of CyberCrime Treaty Statement v 5.5

If we are ready to go with this....I am in.  I am certain my company is
going to wade in as well, but it may take some additional coordination, so
it can be a separate statement of support from Symantec Corp.

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At 11:49 5/16/00 +0200, Casper Dik wrote:
>ACCEPT, personally.
>Since I'm a vendor representative on the board, I do want to make sure
>that the wording in the siganture section of the Statement makes clear
>that I'm *not* speaking on behalf of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

As already mentioned, same is true for me .. but for IBM.

That's why I like the latest proposal to add the following sentence,
just  before our signatures, as individuals:

"This statement represents the professional opinion of each
individual signer, and may or may not represent the official
position of the signer's parent organization."


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