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Re: [CVEPRI] Please Vote on Text of CyberCrime Treaty Statement v5.5

ACCEPT, personally.

Since I'm a vendor representative on the board, I do want to make sure
that the wording in the siganture section of the Statement makes clear
that I'm *not* speaking on behalf of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Both exploits created for research as well as those created by
blackhats and cpatured in the wild are a great source of information
for me.  If sysadmins are only allowed to send captured stuff
to law enforcement, the industry will never see it.

In addition, I would have liked to see additional sections in the treaty
dealing with the specific needs of industry; law enforcement should be
*required* by law to disclose information found on software to the
vendors of that software.

But then, I didn't have time to enter discussion so I'm happy with how
it stands.


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