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Re: Summary of CyberCrime treaty discussions

It will take some time to collect additional signatures from outside
the Editorial Board.  So, I don't see a problem with using the
disclaimer that Scott outlined for signing the initial copy that will
go to others outside the Board.

Note that there are currently 18 ACCEPT votes, so we have met the
quorum I established; but I'll give other members until Tuesday to
send in their own votes.  Since we aren't going to make this a
statement from the Board itself, I don't think that a REJECT vote (if
one occurs) should prevent us from moving forward.

Spaf was one of the strongest advocates for organizational-level
signatures, but he's shown support for Scott's suggestion.  So barring
any concerns to the contrary, I propose that we append the following
after the text of the statement, before the signatures:

  "This statement represents the professional opinion of each
  individual signer, and may or may not represent the official
  position of the signer's parent organization."

How does that sound?

- Steve

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