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Re: Summary of CyberCrime treaty discussions

I think we need to sign the letter and get it out soon.

>*** Nations team up to fight cybercrime
>(AP) - In an age when cybercriminals can reach across borders with
>the click of a mouse, the world's leaders are realizing they will
>have to work together to crack down on Internet attacks. Starting
>Monday, leaders from Group of Eight countries will be in Paris for a
>three-day discussion of Internet crime. Separately, the 41-nation
>Council of Europe, working with the United States, Canada, Japan and
>South Africa, is drafting a treaty to standardize cyber crime laws.
>Though their efforts preceded the appearance of the "Love Bug" virus,
>the attack that crippled corporate and government networks around the
>globe earlier this month may have boosted the sense of urgency among
>government leaders to implement Internet safeguards and create ways
>to fight crime in cyberspace. See

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