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RE: v 5.4 - from Dave Mann

>I would like a feel for whether we could hold off on a final signing
>and release of the CVE letter until Ron can present our concerns and
>get some feedback from G8 members.

There are many orgs who could offer perspective on our position as stated,
and while the G8 is important, its by no means representative of all of the
other possible places we could seek feedback.

I think its great that our statement may get presented at the G8 meeting,
but I don't think we should consider waiting to sign until feedback has been
received. If we do, we're likely going to wait for feedback from other
meetings also.

Let's go with what we've done, its ours, and representative of how we feel.
If the G8 will endorse it, great, if they endorse some modification of it,
that's not bad either. If they outright reject its premise, then we don't
agree with them.

Russ - NTBugtraq Editor
"dot-age" (as in "we're in the dot-age") = senility (source Webster's)

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