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RE: v 5.4 - from Dave Mann

The majority of us will be completely unknown by name to the treaty
drafters.   Having organizations and titles listed for identification
purposes only (e.g., having the disclaimer there) shows that we are
"captains of industry", etc and not random hackers and programmers
(well, all of us but you, Kevin :-).

If a company wishes to endorse the position, the best way to do that
is by a *separate* letter to the address along the lines of:

"As CEO of BigFooBar Industries, I want to register our concerns with
the draft treaty.   We would like it known that our company opposes
the provisions of Article 6 that would criminalize the development
and use of security software.   Our company produces and uses such
software, and any restrictions would hurt our security and damage our
market cap, thus keeping me from buying that new yacht, sailing to
Europe, and paying lots of VAT to your member states.  So, don't do

Multiple letters will be good.   Let's simply have one "experts"
letter, and let the other kinds of organizations and entities send
their own commentary.


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