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RE: Final Draft?

This is darn good work!  You all managed to address my issues so I just rode
along and observed mostly. This appears as good a place to finish up as any
to me.


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Subject: Final Draft?

Gene Spafford wrote:
> The word "since" means "time since" and not causality.

Great catch!!!

New Changes:

* Replaced the word "since" as suggested
  - see aragraphs 2 and 5

* Further strengthened 2nd sentance in 2nd paragraph
  - replaced "the education of ... specialists may be hindered"
    with "the education of ... specialists will be hindered"

Spaf offered:
> I do not believe the letter needs to be further shortened.   I think
> it is ready to go.

I agree.

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As leading security practitioners, educators, vendors, and users of
information security, we wish to register our misgivings about the
Council of Europe draft treaty on Crime in Cyberspace.

We are concerned that portions of the proposed treaty may result in
criminalizing techniques and software commonly used to make computer
systems resistant to attack.  Signatory states passing legislation to
implement the treaty may endanger the security of their computer
systems because computer users in those countries will not be able to
adequately protect their computer systems and the education of
information protection specialists will be hindered.

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