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RE: Second draft of CyberCrime Treaty Statement

>5) Each participating Board member performs their own outreach to
>   their own contacts, and works with the coordinator, who maintains
>   the "master list" of endorsements.

If I put a message out to NTBugtraq then I've gotta have some way to deal
with the thousands of responses.

I've just spoken with my web developers regarding ways of doing an on-line
petition system. If anyone has had any experience with such a system, let me

If there's interest in doing this (posting the thing we want them to attach
their signature to, then providing them a way of giving us their full name
and email address), let me know and I'll put forward my initial list of
issues that would need to be resolved to do this effectively.

Russ - NTBugtraq Editor
"dot-age" (as in "we're in the dot-age") = senility (source Webster's)

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