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RE: Cybercrime treaty

Let's get on with it - Spaf's right - the sooner the better.  I'm waiting
for somewhat finalized language before I go to Howard with this.

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> From: Steven M. Christey [mailto:coley@LINUS.MITRE.ORG]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 10:50 AM
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> Subject: Re: Cybercrime treaty
> Gene, Andy, and David LeBlanc support doing "outreach" on this issue,
> and another Board member has suggested the same thing.  Given that the
> draft will become publicly viewable in the Editorial Board archives
> later this week - and so far it looks like it doesn't require a lot of
> changes - it seems like this would be a good time to begin outreach to
> others.  My only suggestion is to make sure that it's clear that what
> we've written is a draft only.  Any comments or concerns?
> - Steve

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