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Re: Cybercrime treaty

One Board member has since sent me an email saying that they are
concerned with the Editorial Board as a whole making a statement,
although they personally agree with what is being said.  The member's
concern appears to be related to the fact that if "the Board" makes a
statement, then the member's organization may be viewed as agreeing
with the statement by association.

A different member sent me an email saying that while the member
agrees with the concerns, they cannot comment publicly on this,
especially while their own organization may be pursuing this issue
independently.  But this member did not seem to be concerned with how
a Board statement would reflect on their own organization.

So it seems to me that it may not be appropriate to have a statement
from the Board as a whole.  I think that part of this is due to the
fact that we don't formalize whether Board members are speaking for
themselves or for their organizations.

I think we could work with the introductory text that Stuart provided,
and say that the statement is a result of Editorial Board discussions,
and advocated by various Board members, but it is not a statement by
the full Board itself.  Individuals who are not comfortable with
speaking for their organization could provide feedback behind the
scenes, or be listed on the statement without their organizational

- Steve

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