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RE: Cybercrime treaty

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Sorry if that sounded dismissive...  I am absolutely NOT saying that
it doesn't matter.  I just wanted to point out that some of the
arguments (particularly the one I made earlier) were fairly
US-centric.  It IS, for example, a crime to own a gun in some
European countries.

So, broken analogies aside, any statement that we make should be
presented as a guide to clearer language on the subject, and not a
condemnation of any "unconstitutional" phrases, etc.  My apologies to
everyone who had already gathered that much... ;)

- - Jim

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> Of course, this treaty may have no impact on the US.  It's probably
> a good thing if some evil hacker in Cyprus can be extradited to
> Andorra, but I don't know that it will necessarily have a global
> legislative trickle-down effect...
> - - Jim

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