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[BOARD] Casper Dik has joined the Editorial Board

Casper Dik of Sun Microsystems has joined the Editorial Board.
Regular readers of Bugtraq should be familiar with Casper's expertise
in all things Solaris.  His addition helps us to expand the
representation of software vendors on the Board.  As with other
software vendor representatives, Casper's participation will allow us
to explore how software vendors can use CVE to benefit their customers
and the community as a whole.  Another evolving role for software
vendor representatives is with respect to voting, by confirming
candidates related to their own software, and providing an "insider's
view" in cases where more details for a security problem may be
required.  I already have a few candidates in mind for him :-)

Below is a short bio:

>Casper Dik is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc.  He
>joined Sun five years as member of the Network Security Group and had
>a lot of fun breaking into our internal systems.  After a short detour
>through SunLabs working on the SENSS "Bruce" auditing tool, he
>recently joined the Solaris OS Security group as Security Architect.
>Among his tasks are spreading the secure programming gospel in
>courses, and helping to shape the security future at Sun.  In
>addition, he keeps an ear to the ground for Sun related security
>problems and makes sure that exploits don't go unnoticed when

Welcome aboard, Casper!

- Steve

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