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[CVEPRI] CVE version 20000322 to be released


CVE version 20000322 will be published to the CVE web site in the next
few days.  It has 53 new entries, for a total of 556.

A summary of the changes between this version and version 20000118 is
included below.

- Steve

SUMMARY: New entries = 53
SUMMARY: Modified entries = 0
SUMMARY: Unmodified entries = 503

CVE-1999-0189 CVE-1999-0390 CVE-1999-0678 CVE-1999-0727 CVE-1999-0733
CVE-1999-0740 CVE-1999-0746 CVE-1999-0778 CVE-1999-0783 CVE-1999-0785
CVE-1999-0786 CVE-1999-0789 CVE-1999-0796 CVE-1999-0797 CVE-1999-0806
CVE-1999-0890 CVE-1999-0893 CVE-1999-0896 CVE-1999-0908 CVE-1999-0916
CVE-1999-0920 CVE-1999-0931 CVE-1999-0964 CVE-1999-0966 CVE-1999-0996
CVE-1999-0998 CVE-1999-1000 CVE-2000-0003 CVE-2000-0022 CVE-2000-0023
CVE-2000-0025 CVE-2000-0026 CVE-2000-0029 CVE-2000-0031 CVE-2000-0036
CVE-2000-0037 CVE-2000-0039 CVE-2000-0040 CVE-2000-0041 CVE-2000-0088
CVE-2000-0089 CVE-2000-0097 CVE-2000-0098 CVE-2000-0121 CVE-2000-0139
CVE-2000-0145 CVE-2000-0148 CVE-2000-0149 CVE-2000-0150 CVE-2000-0152
CVE-2000-0156 CVE-2000-0161 CVE-2000-0162

No modified entries.

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