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[CVEPRI] Prioritized Candidate Ballots and Regular "To-Do's"


I expect that we will be taking a phased approach to fully supporting
Board members' voting activities online.  Below is the first phase,
which takes some of the Board's feedback from the meeting at AXENT.

I have created an "Editor's Priority" which identifies which
candidates should be focused on earliest.  Future candidate ballots
will organize candidates by this priority scheme.  An "ED_PRI" tag
will give you the priority for the individual candidate.

The prioritization scheme is as follows:

Priority 1 - Vendor has released an advisory, and/or a highly reliable
             source has published one.

Priority 2 - Vendor has acknowledged the problem in some other

Priority 3 - Problems with no clear confirmation, *or* related to
             unresolved content decisions.

Candidates that are close to approval by the Board (i.e. within one
vote) receive an increase in the priority level.

Any candidate that is related to an unresolved content decision is
assigned Priority 3, whether an advisory has been released or not.

URLs for vendor acknowledgement are included with each candidate, as
well as the original sources.

I also hope to regularly send in a "To-Do" list of 10 or more Priority
1 or Priority 2 candidates from earlier clusters that are close to
being approved by the Board.

Hopefully these and future efforts will pay off and help the Board to
vote more regularly, and to more rapidly accept candidates that are
related to serious, well-known problems.

- Steve

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