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[CVEPRI] Orlando and the SANS Award!


You are invited to join us for a Birds of Feather/Reception
at SANS 2000 in Orlando to celebrate the fact that your
hard work has been recognized.   In case you missed it, the
CVE initiative has been awarded the Year 2000 Information
Security Technology Leadership Award by SANS Institute!

The award will be presented on Thursday, 24 March at the
opening of SANS 2000 in Orlando, FL.  MITRE will be hosting
a Birds of Feather/Reception on Thursday evening from 7:00
until 9:00.  Our hope is to provide a place for people
interested in CVE to meet you and to provide you with
a forum to discuss your involvement in CVE.

MITRE will be providing drinks, snacks and some
poster boards as talking points.  You are encouraged to
be there with your company uniforms.  As was the case with
the original CVE booth at SANS/New Orleans, we feel it
is in everybody's mutual interest for CVE to be visualy
seen as the collaborative initiative that it is.  We
think having multiple company uniforms there will foster
that understanding.

We are still finalizing how to format and frame the
BoF.  The spirit of the SANS BoFs is one of open and
lively discourse and we clearly want to foster that.
If you have any suggestions, please drop me a line.



David Mann                     ||  phone: (781) 271 - 2252
INFOSEC Engineer/Scientist, Sr ||
Enterprise Security Solutions  ||    fax: (781) 271 - 3957
The MITRE Corporation          ||
Bedford, Mass 01730            || e-mail: damann@mitre.org

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