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Face-to-face Editorial Board meeting at AXENT, March 9-10

For those members who will be attending the face-to-face board meeting here
at AXENT on Marge 9 and 10, I am including a small list of hotels that in
the area.

We are located about 35 miles south of the Salt Lake City, Utah airport in a
small rural town called American Fork. The list of hotels is somewhat
limited because of the location.

Quality Inn
712 S. Utah Valley Dr.		
American Fork, UT
(This is closest location to the AXENT building)

Hampton Inn & Suites
851 W. 1250 S.
Orem,  UT
(This is a 20 minute drive from the AXENT location)

Provo Marriott
101 W. 100 N.
Provo, UT
(This is a least a 25-30 minute drive from the AXENT location.)

We look forward to having you come and visit us here at AXENT.

Craig Ozancin

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