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[BOARD] David LeBlanc has joined the Editorial Board

David LeBlanc of Microsoft has joined the Editorial Board, rounding
off the most recent wave of additions.  His technical expertise is
obvious to any reader of the Bugtraq and NTBugtraq mailing lists.  As
an employee of a software vendor, his addition is the first step in
filling this particular gap on the Board.  David's role within
Microsoft will allow us to explore how software vendors can use CVE to
benefit their customers and the community as a whole.  His experiences
while he was employed at ISS provide an additional perspective, and
his current operational roles within Microsoft will further solidify
the representation of operational needs for CVE on the Board.

Below is a short bio:

>My current position is Sr. Technologist at Microsoft's ITG Information
>Security group as part of the 'Red Team'.  In other words, I work in
>operational security doing penetration testing.  I also write network
>auditing tools for internal use.  Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked
>for Internet Security Systems where I ported the Internet Scanner to
>Windows NT, and led the Internet Scanner development team for 2 years.
>I have experience in both Windows NT and UNIX vulnerabilities and
>assessment.  I have a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Georgia

Welcom aboard, David!

- Steve

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