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[CVEPRI] Editorial Board meeting at AXENT, February or March?


Craig Ozancin has said that AXENT is willing to host the next
face-to-face Editorial Board meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I
believe that a 2-day meeting will allow us to resolve a number of
issues in an abbreviated fashion.

The following are potential dates at which the meeting could occur:

>1) February 24-25 (perhaps too soon for the Board to plan)
>2) February 28-29 (Mon/Tue)
>3) March 2-3 (Thu/Fri)
>4) March 6-7 (Mon/Tue)
>5) March 9-10 (Thu/Fri)
>6) March 13-14 (Mon/Tue)

I suggest that the February dates may be too early.; it would be
preferable to allow Board members as much time as possible to plan.

For those of you who plan on attending, which dates would work best
for you?

The following topics are expected to be discussed (rough agenda):

Day 1

1) Progress report on content goals (# of entries/candidates, etc.)

2) CVE compatibility "progress reports" and issues

3) Candidates - how well is live candidate assignment working?  Is the
   public being educated appropriately?  How can voting be better

4) Consideration of "working groups" or "focus groups" within the
   Board to focus on specific tasks

Day 2

1) Discussion of unresolved content decisions

2) Review and voting on active candidates

3) Tour of AXENT (this is my suggestion, not Craig's)

Day 2 activities assume that content decision discussions have been
re-opened, and another large-scale creation of legacy candidates has
occurred.  Both of these are planned for February.

- Steve

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