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[TECH] CVE PGP key available for private candidate assignment


A PGP key is available for communications with MITRE's CVE content
team regarding private candidate number assignment.  As this key is
only intended for communications regarding assigning candidate numbers
to new unpublished vulnerability information, and MITRE will only
accept submissions from existing Board members, this key will not be
made available to the public in general.

If you wish to include candidate numbers in first-time public
announcements of new vulnerabilities or exposures, you can contact me
to obtain, verify, and exchange keys.  As discussed in the last Board
teleconference, the method of communication will be determined on an
ad hoc basis.

We still hope to go live with candidate assignment early next week;
therefore any Board members who have pending advisories may wish to
establish communications now so that we can identify any potential
issues ahead of time.

- Steve

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