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[CVEPRI] CVE Version 20000104 Published - and Our Next Steps


CVE version 2000104 has been published on http://cve.mitre.org

Dave Mann has suggested that once CVE has reached 500 entries and we
have gone live with candidates, it might be a good opportunity for
Board members to make a coordinated announcement to the public.  At
this time, we are planning on including candidates on the CVE web site
around January 18.

For us to reach 500 entries, at least 27 more candidates will need to
be approved.  This will require more votes from the Board.  We may not
be able to reach this by January 18, due to the 4-day lag time between
Interim and Final Decision.  I will post vote summaries on various
clusters later today to help this effort.

What do people think of a coordinated announcement for reporting on
the 500-entry CVE milestone, and announcing the use of candidates?

- Steve

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