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[CVEPRI] Milestone: 1000 candidate numbers have been assigned


Today, we reached a milestone.  The 1000'th candidate number was
assigned.  A total of 1009 candidates have been assigned; 970 have
been proposed to the Editorial Board, while the remainder will be
proposed at a later date.

649 candidates are active at this time, i.e. they have been proposed
but have not reached final decision.  (The other 321 were converted
into CVE entries.)  194 of those candidates are associated with some
content decision that has not been fully resolved.  In general, the
most "serious" problems are not associated with unresolved content
decisions.  Content decisions will be revisited by the Board once we
have gone "live" with candidate assignment in mid-January.

During the September 29 press conference announcing CVE, Steve
Northcutt issued an indirect challenge to the Board by saying "When
CVE reaches 1000 entries, it will be a very powerful tool."  With 1000
candidates and more on the way, we have come one step closer to
achieving a measurable, significant goal.

Thanks to all the Editorial Board members for your efforts, without
which this accomplishment would be impossible.

- Steve

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