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[CVEPRI] Board teleconference December 15, 1999


We will hold a teleconference with Editorial Board members on
Wednesday, December 15, from 3 PM to 5 PM (Eastern Standard Time).
Details will be provided early next week.

The focus will be on introducing candidates to the outside world, with
a discussion of issues such as:

0) Status update on recently proposed candidates
1) How to send submissions for new information
2) How to present the candidate concept to the public
3) How to manage Board list traffic for new candidate information
4) What information to make available to the public
5) How often any of this information is made available
6) Impact on voting and acceptance of official CVE entries
7) Private candidate assignment

Please let me and Dave Mann (damann@mitre.org) know if you plan on
participating.  Board members who introduce new problems to the public
are strongly encouraged to participate.  All Board members are

- Steve

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