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[CVEPRI] Update on candidates and submissions


Over the past two weeks, we have been processing 1392 total
submissions.  922 of these came from 8 Board members, while the
remaining 470 came from some basic MITRE collection efforts for
problems that have been discovered since April.  While the work is not
yet complete, over 300 new candidates are ready for proposal and

522 submissions remain to be processed.  All the other submissions
have been processed (827 by my count, and the "mystery 43" which would
bring the total up to 1392 but which appear to have been misplaced ;-)
When a submission has been processed, it means that either: (a) the
submission resulted in the creation of a candidate, or (b) the
submission was already covered by a candidate or CVE entry.

The 800+ submissions ultimately resulted in the creation of 301 new
candidates.  During conversion, priority was given to submissions
which: (a) were shared amongst multiple Board members (which should
thus facilitate rapid approval), and/or (b) had solid references.

While there was clearly a lot of duplication in the 800+ submissions
that were processed, there is no apparent duplication for the
remaining 522.  In other words, these submissions may generate another
500+ candidates.  The conversion will occur as time goes on.

All Board members who sent in data will receive back-maps which link
their internal database identifiers to the new candidate numbers.
This is expected to facilitate voting because these members will be
able to easily look up the associated record in their own database.

Candidate clusters will be proposed beginning today.  I will
concentrate mostly on the candidates that have the best chance of
rapid approval, so that we may still be able to reach our 500-by-Y2K
goal.  Some existing candidates are very close to being approved, so I
will also attempt to get those resolved.

In addition, over the next few weeks, we will be moving towards
slightly more "real-time" candidate assignment by posting one
candidate cluster per week for new problems (from a day to a few weeks
old).  This will help all of us begin to identify the issues that are
related to handling new candidates.

- Steve

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