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[CVEPRI] Telecon/VTC on new candidates in mid-December


We are looking to go "live" and public with candidate number
assignment for newly discovered vulnerabilities and exposures sometime
this January.  I'd like to hold a teleconference/VTC for those Board
members who are likely to publish new vulnerability information, and
other interested members.

The discussion will include such issues as:

1) How to present the candidate concept to the public
2) How to manage Board list traffic for new candidate information
3) What information to make available to the public
4) How often any of this information is made available
5) Impact on voting and acceptance of official CVE entries
6) "Secret" candidate assignment

A 2 or 3 hour teleconference will probably be sufficient.  What do
people think of having the teleconference on the afternoon (Eastern
Time) of Wednesday, December 15?  Would another date or time be

- Steve

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