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[BOARD] Ken Armstrong has joined the Editorial Board

Ken Armstrong of CanCERT and EWA-Canada has joined the Editorial Board
in a technical role.  His addition helps to reduce several gaps in
Board membership.  As a member of an incident response team, he will
help to round out that particular perspective of CVE.  His experience
with the Canadian government adds a government-based perspective to
the Board.  In addition, the membership of another Canadian
organization brings the Editorial Board one step closer to being a
truly international organization.  Below is a short bio:

>Ken Armstrong is a Senior Network Security Specialist with EWA-Canada.
>He has over 10 years experience in the IT security field and he has
>distinguished himself as one of the lead technical specialists with
>CanCERT(TM).  His recent work includes hands-on experience related to
>intrusion detection systems and responsing to security incidents.
>Ken has been involved with three formal evaluations of firewalls to
>the international Common Criteria security standards, and he is a
>member of the international Forum for Incident Response Security Teams
>(FIRST).  During his previous employment with the Communications
>Security Establishment (CSE) within the Canadian Government, Ken was
>considered to be one of Canada's experts specializing in various
>cryptographic systems, network and system security mechanisms, and
>Ken is a well known instructor within the IT security community where
>he regularly addresses topics such as network vulnerabilities,
>penetration testing, and the advanced analysis of network logs.  His
>R&D contributions have included developing a comprehensive taxonomy of
>network exploitation tools, research into proxy-based intrusion
>detection systems and the development of a state-of-the-art Threat &
>Vulnerability database.

Welcome aboard, Ken!

- Steve

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