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Administrivia: Two new Editorial Board members

Two new members have joined the CVE Editorial Board.

Scott Blake (BindView) takes over the role that Adam Shostack was
playing at BindView.  Adam has moved on to Zero Knowledge Systems as
their Director of Technology and Most Evil Genius.  Adam remains on
the Board, primarily as an observer.

Kelly Cooper is an Internet Security Officer at GTE Internetworking.
Her presense will help to fill the "operational/sysadmin" gap on the

Of Scott, Adam Shostack writes:

>"Scott will make an outstanding addition to the board for two reasons.
>First, he has a wide ranging background in a variety of scientific
>fields, ranging from nuclear engineering to sociology to computer
>security.  The perspectives that he brings to security work, combined
>with a large base of practical knowledge make him a valuable addition
>to any security effort, and his scientific training and background
>allow him to bring an understanding of the value and meaning of the
>CVE to the table.  The second reason is that, sharing my enthusiasm
>for the CVE project, he can continue to bring the attention and
>energies of Bindview to the project.

And following is a short bio of Kelly:

>Ms. Cooper has been performing Internet Service Provider-level
>security incident response first for BBN Corporation then GTE
>Internetworking (GTEI) for over four years.  (GTE purchased BBN in
>1997).  As a member of GTEI's Operations Security group, she is
>responsible for a wide range of duties, including the creation and
>enforcement of policies, the tracing back and countering of network
>attacks that affect GTE Internetworking customers and networks as well
>as working with other service providers and law enforcement agencies
>on issues of both a security and abuse nature.
>Ms. Cooper earned a BA from Rutgers College while working in the
>University operations center, supporting Rutgers as a backbone node on
>the NSFNET as an operator and a security advocate.  Throughout her
>career, Ms. Cooper has devoted much of her time to sharing resources
>and educating all parties involved in network security incident

- Steve

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