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RE: CD PROPOSAL: HIGHCARD (Interim Decision 8/24)

I said: 
> >I would propose an ad hoc decision of the board concerning the
> >treatment (inclusion, exclusion, or whatever other actions) of any of
> >the 'slippery slope' class of high cardinality issues that 
> aren't high
> >now, but might most likely be large in the near future.

Steven Christey said:

> This makes sense to me, but hopefully we won't encounter these
> situations very often.  Do you have a particular example in mind?

The example we mentioned in the meeting was 'weak' encryption. Currently
there are only a few, but more and more protocols or standards will be 
broken as the technology gets better.
> So, maybe we should only consider High Cardinality after we've made
> distinctions using other content decisions.

That sounds good to me. It should hepl to eliminate a good majority 
of these situations.

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