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Content Decision Voting Phases

The voting process for content decisions is outlined below.  It is
very similar to the voting process for CVE candidates.  However, Board
members should be vigilant in voting for content decisions, since they
have a significant impact on the CVE.  I will assume that any member
who does not vote, has registered a NOOP (no opinion).  However, I
believe it's a good goal to try and get 75% of active members to vote
on these issues, as suggested by Craig Ozancin in last week's Review


   The Moderator names the content decision and proposes it to the
   list, indicating candidates that are affected by that decision.
   The Moderator also gives a time limit for discussion, which
   should be no less than a week.  The Board discusses the content
   decision, and each member votes:

   - ACCEPT (accept the content decision as stated)
   - MODIFY (modify the content decision)
   - REJECT (reject the content decision outright)
   - NOOP (no opinion)


   In some cases, the Moderator may make changes to the content
   decision and re-propose them to the Board, based on Board feedback.
   The Board then votes again, by a deadline as imposed by the


   Once the Moderator decides that there is sufficient agreement and
   debate to resolve a content decision, and no new issues related to
   that decision have been raised, then the Moderator makes an Interim
   Decision to ACCEPT or REJECT the content decision.  In the cases
   where most or all of the Board votes for a NOOP, then the Moderator
   has the discretion to determine whether to ACCEPT or REJECT the
   decision.  The Moderator gives a deadline to the Board for any
   final comments or discussion, allowing at least 4 days.


   The Moderator makes the Final Decision to ACCEPT or REJECT the
   content decision, then re-evaluates the candidates that are
   affected by the content decision, possibly MODIFYing some of
   those candidates.

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