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INTERIM DECISION: REJECT 1 candidate from NOREFS cluster (duplicate)

We have our first REJECTion.  The following candidate is a duplicate
of another candidate, CAN-1999-0315 (fdformat, from the BUF cluster).
A typo in this candidate prevented the duplication from being
discovered earlier.  As you can see from the votes, nobody else knew
what this was either :-)

This Friday, I will make the Final Decision to REJECT the candidate.

- Steve

Candidate: CAN-1999-0110
Interim-Decision: 19990810
Proposed: 19990714
Assigned: 19990607
Category: SF

** REJECT ** Duplicate of CAN-1999-0315 (this has a typo)
Buffer overflow in fbformat command in Solaris.

   NOOP(3) Northcutt, Shostack, Wall

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