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RE: CONTENT DECISION: Presence of Services or Applications (SA)

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I agree with these comments as well!  Unless there is an actual
vulnerability related to one of these services, don't see them as
being CVE material just by running.  This becomes a "best practice" or
company policy decision rather than a vulnerability.

- -mike

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On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 08:52:05PM -0500, Gene Spafford wrote:
> I really do not like the idea behind this category.   We might as
> well include most MS-based protocols, and most TCP services.   The
> fact that a service is present and has a history of being a point of
> entry on some systems is not a vulnerability.    That's like saying
> that the presence of computers tends to enable hacking -- take away
> the computers, and you no longer have break-ins!

Hear, hear!

> --spaf

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