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Re: PROPOSAL: Cluster 20 - DESIGN (27 candidates)

At 10:33 AM +0200 7/21/99, dac@zurich.ibm.com wrote:
>hmm ... let me follow up.
>I like your 'rule of thumb', but it needs some refinement, IMHO.

I agree, but I think the idea is sound.

For instance, with .forward.

The fact that it can execute a program to list my whereabouts is a 
feature that I may use (and in fact, have used).     The fact that 
the feature is not necessarily known to system admins, and would 
violate *some* policies is not reason to be listed in the CVE.  If we 
start doing that, then we need to document every misunderstanding and 
unclear concept out there -- and Unix or NT alone would generate a 
few thousand!


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