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23 Candidates moved to Interim Decision - Final Decision 6/21/99


I have made an Interim Decision to accept the following 23 candidates;
all candidates were either ACCEPTed by all responders, or had a NO

Editorial Board members have until 6/21/99 to register any final
complaints on these vulnerabilities; at that time, the candidates will
be moved into the Final Decision phase, unless concerns are brought up
before then.

I will next post a summary of the status of the remaining candidates
in the CERT cluster.

- Steve

# format:
# CandidateName VoteType(NumberOfVotes) ...
CAN-1999-0006  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0007  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0008  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0013  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0019  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0021  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0022  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0023  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0024  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0034  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0036  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0038  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0039  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0040  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0041  ACCEPT(4) NOOP(1)
CAN-1999-0043  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0045  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0050  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0073  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0080  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0133  ACCEPT(5)
CAN-1999-0143  ACCEPT(4) NOOP(1)

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