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RE: The nomenclature process in other fields

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As we discovered in the last DataBase Vulnerability Working Group at
Spaf's place, a taxonomy is more than we want to do.  On the other
hand the convention selected needs to be precise enough to
differentiate between similar but different vulnerabilities.
- -mike
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At 11:54 AM -0400 5/19/99, Craig Ozancin wrote:
> > enumeration != taxonomy
>True, But can we draw parallels between the two?

My former student, Ivan Krsul, had a long explanation about the 
difference between the two in his Ph.D. thesis.   Basically, we don't 
have underlying morphological or ontological structures identified 
that will allow us to come up with an unambiguous taxonomy at this 
time.   An enumeration is about the best we can hope for without 
further research and insight into the nature of vulnerabilities (and 
the policies on which they depend).

- --spaf

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