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RE: Birds of Feather Meeting - Follow Up

>1) Several people suggested that they would NOT be able

My suggestion would be to avoid making any attempt at stating
"completeness" by any "release date". The mechanisms you've proposed are
that potential CVE candidates would be discussed in a forum, and then,
if acceptable, added to the CVE. Let's just take that approach with the
items currently in your CVE. Depreciate them to candidates and put them
out to the list one at a time. It gives us a basis upon which to test
the mechanisms for review. You might want to meter them, that is,
release 1 per hour for 8 hours a day, or some such thing to avoid

I can't remember how many entries you currently have in there, but it
may be that we might get through them all before your June 2nd deadline.
Give each one, say, 2 weeks of forum time and then declare it unless
discussion is fervent about it.

The deadline should be "when its agreed by the forum or arbitrarily
declared by Mitre".

Russ - NTBugtraq Editor

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