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CVE Meeting - Thanks


I wanted to thank everyone who attended the CVE kickoff meeting on
Sunday, and to SANS for hosting it (specifically, Alan Paller and Rob

I believe the meeting helped us all to get on the same page, at least
with what we're trying to accomplish.  I got the sense that there
weren't any "show stopper" issues, but it's clear that we have some
details to iron out.  Dave Mann and I will meet with Margie and Jeff
in the next day or two, to discuss what we took out of the meeting and
what the "unresolved" issues appear to be.  Expect some pointed
questions to follow shortly afterward, assuming nobody else has
brought up their pet issue beforehand :)

For those who did not attend the meeting, Rob Kolstad's notes cover
the bulk of the MITRE presentations (including the projected release
schedule), plus some of the issues that were raised.  I'm looking
forward to our subsequent discussions.

- Steve

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