To request a CVE ID, go to the new “Report/Request” page on the CVE.ORG website.

Visit the List of Partners page on the new website to find CNAs, CNA-LRs, Roots, and Top-Level Roots.

About the Transition

The CVE Program has begun transitioning to the all-new CVE website at its new CVE.ORG web address. The phased quarterly transition process began on September 29, 2021 and will last for up to one year. Items moved to the new website will no longer be maintained on this website. Learn more about the transition here.

MITRE CNA of Last Resort (CNA-LR)/CVE Program Secretariat PGP Key

Please use the CVE Request web form to request CVE IDs directly from the MITRE CNA-LR or to contact the CVE Program Secretariat (currently MITRE). Upon completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation email message that includes a reference number. Any additional communications related to that request will be done through email using the same subject line as the confirmation email.

View our web form help.

A PGP key is available for encrypted communications:

Key ID:		F6DF7386
Fingerprint:	C83F 6676 42DA 24E8 A8F2 6CFA D88F 1C7D F6DF 7386
Key size:	4096
Public key:	Click to download
NOTE: PGP key updated March 2022

Page Last Updated or Reviewed: March 16, 2022