Recent advisories published by Cert-IST

As of : 18/10/2002, 17H00 CET

Description Release date Criticity
Exploitation assessment
CVE references
CERT-IST/AV-2002.360 Vulnerability in the "heartbeat" package on Linux 17/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-1215
CERT-IST/AV-2002.359 Vulnerability in the data importation feature on Microsoft Word and Excel 17/10/2002 Medium Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-1143
CERT-IST/AV-2002.358 Buffer overflow in the HTTP server of the Cisco Catalyst switches (CatOS versions 5.4 up to 7.3) 17/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.357 Vulnerability in the SSL connection handling by Webmin versions 1.000 and anterior 16/10/2002 Medium Difficult (C2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.356 Multiple vulnerabilities on Symantec firewalls ("Secure Webserver" component) 15/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.355 Denial of service on IBM AIX 4.3.3 and 5.1 systems 14/10/2002 High Easy (B1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.354 Buffer overflow in the S/MIME e-mail handling by Microsoft Outlook Express 5.5 and 6.0 11/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-1179
CERT-IST/AV-2002.353 Buffer overflow in the "syslog-ng" daemon versions 1.4.15 and anterior on Unix systems 11/10/2002 High Difficult (C2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.352 Denial of service in IBM SecureWay firewall version 4.2.x 11/10/2002 High Easy (B1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.351 Vulnerability in the "routed " daemon on HP Compaq Tru64 Unix systems 09/10/2002 Medium Difficult (C2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.350 NIS vulnerabilities on Unix systems 09/10/2002 Medium Difficult (C2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.349 Vulnerability in compression tools regarding ZIP files 09/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-0370
CERT-IST/AV-2002.348 Vulnerability in "smrsh" restricted shell on Sendmail 8.11.x and 8.12.x 08/10/2002 High Difficult (B3) CAN-2002-1165
CERT-IST/AV-2002.347 Several vulnerabilities in Oracle applications 08/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-1118
CERT-IST/AV-2002.346 Buffer overflow in DNS "resolver" libraries on Unix and Linux 08/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-1146
CERT-IST/AV-2002.345 Vulnerabilities in the "Logsurfer" log management utility on Unix 07/10/2002 Low Difficult (C2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.344 Buffer overflows in the "nss_ldap" module on Linux Red Hat 07/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-0825
CERT-IST/AV-2002.343 Several vulnerabilities in SGI IRIX 6.5.x for versions 6.5.17 and earlier 07/10/2002 High Very difficult (C3) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.342 Several vulnerabilities in Apache web servers for versions before 1.3.27 and 2.0.43 07/10/2002 High Difficult (C1) CAN-2002-0839
CERT-IST/AV-2002.341 Buffer overflow in MySQL 3.23.49 on Windows environments 04/10/2002 High Very difficult (C3) CAN-2002-0969
CERT-IST/AV-2002.340 Denial of service vulnerability in Net-SNMP 5.0.x 04/10/2002 Low Medium (B2) CAN-2002-1170
CERT-IST/AV-2002.339 Vulnerabilities in HTML help features on Micosoft Windows 03/10/2002 High Easy (B1) CAN-2002-0693
CERT-IST/AV-2002.338 SunRPC library vulnerability in Microsoft Interix SDK 03/10/2002 High Difficult (C2) CAN-2002-0391
CERT-IST/AV-2002.337 Multiple vulnerabilities in Microsoft SQL Server 7 and 2000 products (and in MSDE) 03/10/2002 High Difficult (C2) CAN-2002-1123
CERT-IST/AV-2002.336 Vulnerability in the HP "LDAP-UX Integration" suite 01/10/2002 High Difficult (C2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.335 Vulnerability in Tomcat 3.2.x server on HP VirtualVault 01/10/2002 Medium Easy (A2) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.334 "Opaserv" worm in Microsoft Windows systems 01/10/2002 Medium Very easy (A1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.333 "Bugbear" worm on Microsoft Windows systems 01/10/2002 High Very easy (A1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.332 Vulnerability in the Tomcat suite (Jakarta) 4.x 26/09/2002 Medium Difficult (C1) -
CERT-IST/AV-2002.331 "Corica" worm on Microsoft Windows systems 26/09/2002 Medium Very easy (A1) -