ERROR: 'CVE-2017-057' is a malformed CVE ID.

'CVE-2017-057' is a malformed CVE ID. It does not conform to the expected CVE ID syntax, and it could not be converted into a valid ID.

CVE entries are of the form CVE-YYYY-NNNN where:

Examples of CVE IDs that conform to the syntax: CVE-1999-0003, CVE-2014-9999, CVE-2014-12345, CVE-2014-7654321

Note: Beginning in 2014, more than 4 digits are allowed in the last portion of CVE IDs. For more information, see the CVE-ID Syntax Change page.

Old-style candidate names (CAN-YYYY-XXXX) are also accepted, but this style was discontinued in 2005, and further use is strongly discouraged.

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