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CVE-2019-3689 The nfs-utils package in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 before and including version 1.3.0-34.18.1 and in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 before and including version 2.1.1-6.10.2 the directory /var/lib/nfs is owned by statd:nogroup. This directory contains files owned and managed by root. If statd is compromised, it can therefore trick processes running with root privileges into creating/overwriting files anywhere on the system.
CVE-2011-3534 Unspecified vulnerability in Oracle Solaris 8, 9, 10, and 11 Express allows remote attackers to affect availability via unknown vectors related to Network Status Monitor (statd).
CVE-2011-0183 Libinfo in Apple Mac OS X before 10.6.7 does not properly handle an unspecified integer field in an NFS RPC packet, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (lockd, statd, mountd, or portmap outage) via a crafted packet, related to an "integer truncation issue."
CVE-2004-1014 statd in nfs-utils 1.257 and earlier does not ignore the SIGPIPE signal, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (server process crash) via a TCP connection that is prematurely terminated.
CVE-2000-0666 rpc.statd in the nfs-utils package in various Linux distributions does not properly cleanse untrusted format strings, which allows remote attackers to gain root privileges.
CVE-1999-0493 rpc.statd allows remote attackers to forward RPC calls to the local operating system via the SM_MON and SM_NOTIFY commands, which in turn could be used to remotely exploit other bugs such as in automountd.
CVE-1999-0019 Delete or create a file via rpc.statd, due to invalid information.
CVE-1999-0018 Buffer overflow in statd allows root privileges.
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