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CVE-2013-1427 The configuration file for the FastCGI PHP support for lighttpd before 1.4.28 on Debian GNU/Linux creates a socket file with a predictable name in /tmp, which allows local users to hijack the PHP control socket and perform unauthorized actions such as forcing the use of a different version of PHP via a symlink attack or a race condition.
CVE-2009-0416 The SSL certificate setup program ( in Standards Based Linux Instrumentation for Manageability (SBLIM) sblim-sfcb 1.3.2 allows local users to overwrite arbitrary files via a symlink attack on the (1) /var/tmp/key.pem, (2) /var/tmp/cert.pem, and (3) /var/tmp/ssl.cnf temporary files.
CVE-2007-3103 The init.d script for the X.Org X11 xfs font server on various Linux distributions might allow local users to change the permissions of arbitrary files via a symlink attack on the /tmp/.font-unix temporary file.
CVE-2004-0217 The LiveUpdate capability ( in Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine 4.0 and 4.3 for Red Hat Linux allows local users to create or append to arbitrary files via a symlink attack on /tmp/LiveUpdate.log.
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