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CVE-2019-6122 A Username Enumeration via Error Message issue was discovered in NiceHash Miner before because an "EMAIL DOES NOT EXIST" error message occurs whenever a submitted email address is incorrect, but there is a different error message for invalid credentials with a correct email address.
CVE-2019-6121 An issue was discovered in NiceHash Miner before Missing Authorization allows an adversary to can gain access to a miner's information about such as his recent payments, unclaimed Balance, Old Balance (at the time of December 2017 breach) , Projected payout, Mining stats like profitability, Efficiency, Number of workers, etc.. A valid Email address is required in order to retrieve this Information.
CVE-2019-6120 An issue was discovered in NiceHash Miner before A missing rate limit while adding a wallet via Email address allows remote attackers to submit a large number of email addresses to identify valid ones. By exploiting this vulnerability with CVE-2019-6122 (Username Enumeration) an adversary can enumerate a large number of valid users' Email addresses.
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